Friday, September 10, 2010

Hot Men With Mustaches

(from an actual conversation today):
Girl 1: "He said it takes him forever to grow one, so he probably won't, but I think he'd look so hot with a mustache..."
Girl 2: "Wait, did you just say hot and mustache in the same sentence??"

I've heard a lot of people dissing the mustache lately, and to prove that having a mustache automatically makes a man look neither like a pedophile or a character from The Village People, I'm posting the following photos of
Hot Men With Mustaches. My best advice is to avoid the walrus, the triangle and the broom styles, and go instead for some variation of the handlebar.
Happy Growing! :^

I don't know WHO this last guy is, but the 'stache is definitely working for him.

Also, check out what this site is saying.

These men aren't necessarily "hot", but their mustaches are!

Eugene Hutz - needs a haircut, but what a great nose and 'stache!

Again, not hot, but cool mustache.

Ok, I actually think Jason Lee is good looking with this mustache... probably better than without.

My friend today also referred to the mustache as potentially making a man look like a period character. Yes! That's the whole point, isn't it?
Christopher Casenov as Charlie Haslemere in the series The Duchess of Duke Street

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