Thursday, September 9, 2010

More On Mustaches....

Here are some tips on creating and styling your 'stache!

How to Trim a Mustache
By an eHow Contributor
There are many ways to groom a mustache. Decide how you want yours to look before following these instructions.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need:
Full-length Mirrors
Electric Razors And New Blade
Mustache Combs
1. Wet your mustache slightly.
2. Use a fine-tooth mustache comb to brush the hair down.
3. Clip the hair on your mustache's outer edges with a pair of thin scissors. Remember to clip conservatively.
4. Snip across the bottom of the mustache.
5. Trim the body of the mustache to achieve the desired evenness and bushiness, and to clip errant hairs.
6. Touch up the top of the mustache with a razor until you have the desired line. If you have an unusual mustache, such as a pencil-thin or handle-bar mustache, use more or less use of the razor as appropriate. Take care not to shave off the top of the mustache Read more: How to Trim a Mustache

You may want to use some mustache wax, especially if you're going for the Handlebar or Petit Handlebar, the English, or the Dali!

How to Use Mustache Wax
By an eHow Contributor
You love the idea of having a shiny, perfectly groomed mustache. You're even interested in having the pinnacle of mustaches--a handlebar mustache. But now you're wondering how to get your mustache perfectly groomed. Luckily, you can use a mustache wax on your mustache.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

1. Purchase a mustache wax. A mustache wax will hold the hairs of your mustache in place, allowing you to shape your mustache into all sorts of interesting ways. If possible, choose a mustache wax made from natural ingredients such as beeswax.
2. Apply your mustache wax after showering when you've already washed and conditioned your mustache hair.
3. Put a small amount of mustache wax to the middle of your mustache.
4. Use a small comb to spread the mustache wax through your mustache. Apply more wax as needed--some people need extra wax every 1/4 inch.
5. Shape the mustache just a little into the shape you want. Basically, make sure the hair is all stuck together. If you're just trying to control your mustache hair, then this is your last step.
6. Allow the mustache wax to dry completely. Depending on the wax you use, this should take about five to 15 minutes.
7. Reshape your mustache into the shape you want. Apply more mustache wax if you need to.Read more: How to Use Mustache Wax

If you either can't or won't (being too chicken) to grow your own, another option is to make a FAKE mustache. You can use "Barbie hair" as per the instructions from, or you can get some fake fur over at Stitches (a fabric store) on capitol hill. Don't let the weird picture in the tutorial scare you away. ;^)

Make a Fake Mustache
Rain Blanken
Your new mustache is just minutes away.
You and Barbie are going to make a mustache together at home. That's right, Barbie's silken hair makes for great mustache hair, and it saves you a trip to the costume store. I couldn't find any good instructions on how to make a mustache, so I figured this one out on my own. I'll show you my recipe for a fake mustache with this simple tutorial.

What You'll Need:
Printable mustache template
A Barbie in need of a haircut
Scissors [recommended scissors]
A Sandwich Bag
Permanent marker
Rubber Cement Once your have these few materials gathered, we can get started.

As an aside.... I'd be REALLY impressed if someone showed up with this:


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